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CEP Academic detailing

Take Your CME to the Next Level With CEP Academic Detailing

Family physicians are invited to sign-up for free, 1-on-1 discussions with a trained clinical pharmacist to support practice change. 

New topics every 5 months

Schedule at your convenience using the booking tool below.

Academic detailing available on:

  • COVID-19 vaccine key information 
  • Insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes 
  • Non-insulin pharmacotherapy for type 2 diabetes 
  • Benzodiazepines for older adults 
  • Opioid use disorder 
  • Opioid prescribing 
  • Chronic pain


  • Customized for you 
  • 30 minutes per topic 
  • Questions answered 
  • Free Mainpro+ credits 
  • Time that works for you 
  • Practical tools and resources
  • Local system navigation support

Meet your local academic detailer:

Sachin Duggal, PharmD, CDE, RPh

“The session with Sachin was informative and engaging. Academic detailing is accessible learning. This format makes it easy to ask one-on-one questions about a current, relevant topic such as COVID vaccines. This was a great learning opportunity - time well spent.”

— Dr. Richard Chen

“I am a Family Physician in Solo practice in London Ontario. I recently joined the academic detailing program within my region. After my initial meeting with my detailer, I could not wait to sign up for the next session. I have learned so much about resources to help with patient care, support programs for complex care patients, mentor-ship for chronic pain management and the EEnet forum for collaboration about patient care challenges. This program is a “must do” for anyone wanting quality CME that translates to your specific patient care needs. The program is unbiased, objective, evidence based and is focused to your patient and practice needs. It really helps putting the latest data regarding patient care into perspective. The only commitment is your time, and I have over the past 27 years of practice, paid hundreds of dollars to attend one or two day programs that are 1/2 the quality you get with the academic detailing and its supportive programs.”

— Dr. Keith Thompson

Schedule your next academic detailing with Sachin:

Academic detailing is brought to you by the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP), with funding from the government of Ontario. The CEP is a not-for-profit organization that develops trusted, evidence-based tools, resources and programs to ensure healthcare providers have the information needed to deliver high-quality care.

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